My husband loves chips and salsa. He would eat it every day if he could. Unfortunately, a $2 bag of chips and a $3 jar of salsa adds up pretty fast. We’re problem solvers though. We have (a ton of) Masa Harina because we make crock pot tamale pie every so often. It only made sense to try our hand at making tortilla chips. I used the recipe I found on The Lean Green Bean and I thought they turned out pretty well. Next time I’ll probably make them thinner and cook them a bit longer. Maybe add a bit more water to the dough too. And make more. One batch only yields this little bit of chips. Definitely not enough to eat all of this salsa.


The salsa is (almost) completely made up of things from the garden. It’s full of onions, tomatoes, honey, bell peppers, corn, habanero peppers, sweet and hot banana peppers, garlic salt, basil (and some other green herbs), stevia, and some sriracha sauce. Later this summer when more of the tomatoes are ripe we are eager to learn how to can salsa.


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