I do a lot of Wonder Woman projects apparently; dresses, embroidery, cosplay, painting. I just can’t get enough. I can’t help but wonder how many of my posts will be entitled ‘Wonder Woman’.

This was my second embroidery project. It’s mostly satin stitch, back-stitch, and chain stitch on a white piece of scrap muslin. I really loves how it turned out and I can’t wait to hang it. I love embroidery because it’s the perfect way for me to “express myself” in a creative way while still decorating our walls. And it’s cheap. Since I still don’t have an adequate light box, and I can’t think of any other way to effectively trace the pattern on to the muslin, I ended up pulling up the original picture into a word document, sizing it and tracing it directly from the computer screen onto the fabric. I did this very, very carefully and very gently. A big (HUGE) problem with this is you need to make sure you get all of the lines traced because if you find you missed say, her eyes, you will not be able to accurately line it up again. It’s also difficult to hold the fabric and trace . I found that I had moved it a few millimeters here and there so if you were to place this directly over the original photo the lines would not be exactly the same. I really am going to need to make, or buy, a light box to do pictures more effectively and accurately.

The original artwork is by Darwyn Cooke.I love his style, particularly the way he draws women. Sadly he passed away this most recent May.


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