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I want to start this one off by saying, very emphatically, that I really hate hand sewing. I a9ad1ee621b4ad4eaa3e0f405f3529c9have never liked it. I think it’s tedious,  confusing, messy, and it numbs my hands. With that being said, I desperately wanted to love hand sewing. I have seen so many absolutely gorgeous dresses and gown that were completely hand sewn and then
embellished with bits and pieces. I’ve seen so many decadent embroidery projects that I just couldn’t wrap my head around.  So, I did what any crazy person would do and I set out to learn to love it.


You see, I think that’s really the thing with crafters and creative types. I don’t know very many people, especially if they started a craft in their teens or older, that picked up a new craft and fell in love right away. I don’t know very many people that didn’t4171451d904be909755bbe81bad9646e struggle with their serger, their yarn, or their photography. I don’t know very many people that didn’t exclaim “I’m going to throw this thing out the window and then run it over with my car!” The thing is though, we’re persistent folks. We get frustrated, maybe curse, maybe yell, maybe stomp up and down, but we take in a big deep breath and we carry on. We persevere and we make some pretty awesome things.


So, I set out to learn embroidery. I studied different techniques. I pinned abo5f10ecafbf774b994355e90ae597b8eaut 100 different “embroidery for beginners” links and I started. And I loved it. Ok, well, not at first. At first I thought I must be pretty out of touch with myself if I thought this thing was for me. I pricked my finger a few times, I struggled with most of the stitches, I couldn’t even quite comprehend back-stitch. It seemed like nonsense to me. And then, once things started clicking, I was hooked. I wasn’t making anything extraordinary by any means, I wasn’t even making anything. I was just practicing my stitches in different colors to learn the stitches and make in easier to tell them apart. When I finished, being able to look at it and say “I did that, I chose to learn something new and I’m actually doing it,” I just don’t think it gets any better than that.


It doesn’t matter what you sew, paint, embroider, create. What matters is that you’re taking the time to fill your day with things that didn’t exist before you made them. You’re taking the time to say “I deserve to teach myself something, I deserve to take time to make something.” Making time for yourself and allowing yourself to make mistakes,  forgiving yourself and pushing yourself, I think that’s all that it really comes down. I can’t wait to keep learning new things.


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