I love making this little peach costumes and dresses. I can’t say it enough. She appreciates them entirely and never complains. What more could a sewist ask for?

Recently she asked me to make her a superhero costume. Yeah, alright, I can do that. Simplicity just came out with a new pattern and I’d like to try my hand at sewing some really stretchy material. Let’s do this!

Ask it turns out, spandex? Not my favorite. Probably my least favorite to sew with. I used tissue paper underneath to avoid it catching in the feed dogs but then I couldn’t get the tissue paper out of the seams. Ugh. I don’t have a walking foot, maybe that would have saved me. Definitely want to buy one before I start again. I have a ballpoint stretch needle so I didn’t have any problems in that area. I would love (love) to try it again using my White’s Serger for the bulk of it but I’m not the most confident on that old machine. (It was from a garage sale and desperately needs to be taken in and cleaned and oiled)

I will definitely have more opportunities to play around with this fabric though. For a first try I’m pretty happy. I thought the pattern was (mostly) super straightforward but I struggled a bit with the back. I just couldn’t get it to lay the way I thought it should. I didn’t hem it because it seemed unnecessary. If you are familiar with this pattern/Supergirl you might be throwing your arms up exclaiming, “Where’s the belt?! What about the CAPE?!” She didn’t want one and I was fine with that.

I have the fabric for a Wonder Woman one (EEK!) so I will probably be starting on that fairly soon. Maybe. We’ll see. We don’t have an air conditioner in our apartment and IT IS HOT. I mean, really hot. It has been in the high 90’s in Michigan and so our apartment has been hovering right around there. Too hot to sit over a sewing machine, that’s for sure.

Have you made this pattern before? How did it turn out? Any tips for sewing with spandex?


2 thoughts on “SUPERGIRL

  1. Supergirl! And supermum. 😎 She’s a gorgeous one, no wonder you love sewing for her. And a girl who asks for super hero costumes have to get it, no doubt about that! I’m sure it was a tad frustrating to sew, but it looks great in the photo.


    1. Thank you for the kind words! I am actually not lucky enough to be this little ladies mom. Her mom is a close friend of mine. It’s the best of both worlds, I am able to practice my sewing and make her outfits but also give her back! I’m glad it looks good in the pictures. I’m definitely eager to make her a few more 😊

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