The daughter of my close friend had her fourth birthday recently! I can’t DSC_07233believe it, she’s getting so old. I knew I wanted to get her something special but we’ve been scrimping and saving to buy a house and some land. It seemed impractical so spend a lot of money when she has so many things already.

Lightbulb moment. I’ll make her something.

Ah! But what? She loves pink and purple but I don’t have any scrap fabric of that, certainly
not enough to make her a dress.

Okay, okay, what do I have enough of? Black. Big ‘ol sigh. She would never want a black dress. She’s the girliest little girl I ever knew. How can I do this? Well, it’s a dinosaur themed birthday party. What if I embroider on a bunch of dinosaurs in her favorite colors so the dress doesn’t look so, well, black and boring. And here, ladies and gents, is the final result. DSC_07234

I make her little dresses about once a month. I take her measurements and draft out a pattern and circle skirt, add an invisible zipper, bind it (so I don’t have to do a lining, I’m lazy!) and call it done. Normally they are dresses with a character print fabric; Dora, Elsa, Princess, or Wonder Woman.

To do the dinosaurs I found various Dinosaur coloring pages and traced them onto the back of the fabric. When I embroider I do it upside down, I actually only peak at the ‘right side’ of the fabric occasionally.

Well, did she like it? She did! I was very surprised. She put it on right away and she’s finally big enough to appreciate a good circle skirt. I think she spun in circles for the first 5 minutes.


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