When I first started sewing, about three years ago, I wanted to learn pattern drafting desperately. My first year I did a lot of various patterns to practice how patterns are pieced together but I didn’t have the courage to alter a pattern or try my hand at making my own. Eventually I was finding there were some things I wanted to make but there wasn’t a pattern for. One of these was capes for toddler. My close friend had a boy who loved all things superheros and I thought to myself, what a great Christmas
present a cape would be.

His favorite place to wear his cape is at the park. He loves how it flows behind him

I searched Pinterest ten times over and could only find a few patterns, none of them I was really keen on. I ended up drafting my own from his measurements and tweaking it from there. Over the years it’s been tweaked quite a bit. With that pattern I’ve made a Spiderman cape (he insisted), Robin, and Batman (about five or six times). He’s even helped me make a cape before.

Hello little brother

His little brother was born about a year ago and, although we lived in Florida at the time, the first thing I did was make him a  Robin cape.


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